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Since its foundation, 1996, we have been building a company that keeps providing all printer users with the best possible product. Best quality Toner, without compromise, just like the original.
We have invested in people and equipment, we have installed new machines, and all this to achieve excellence. All this to provide the users of our products with the best quality prints at the best possible price.
That is why, today, after so much work, we can say:
We are the largest Italian manufacturer of laser printer cartridges in terms of turnover, number of employees and number of pieces produced. Microlaser Italia now produces over 200,000 toner cartridges per year.

Organized Production

3,000 square metres with 46 employees

Our manufacturing facility in Solarolo (Ra) has 46 employees working in 3000 square metres and making use of the best technology available.
The exclusive focus on the production of laser printer toner cartridges, directing special attention to financial and human resources, has resulted in Z4, Italy's best-selling range of toner cartridges, the only one able to compete in all fields with original products.
Z4 toner cartridges are all made with new components in order to ensure the best possible printing quality. The empty cartridges, retrieved through recycling programs at thousands of Italian companies, are disassembled and every internal component is replaced with similar high-quality new ones, purchased on the market from multinationals of this sector.

We test the quality

Virtually perfect...

The print quality of our products has been setting the highest standards in this sector for many years. A Z4 toner cartridge always ensures perfect prints, both in text and in complex graphics.
Shades, halftones and scales of colors represent the field where our cartridges express all their potential, down to the last page. The printing accuracy of the document created on the screen can be achieved thanks to the components used in manufacturing the cartridges and by checking their proper functioning. This process takes place in a department where skilled operators perform print tests on every Z4 toner cartridge manufactured at the factory. Only these tests, thus performed, can ensure the virtual absence of defects on all the toner cartridges placed on the market.
We can therefore affirm that the Z4 toner cartridges are practically perfect.


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